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This piece was written by an experienced driving instructor ...

“When was the last time that you had a routine eye check?

Just last month I was reminded of the importance of having my eyes checked regularly.

Going along to the optometrist for my two yearly check-up I had no reason to suspect that my eyes or health were in any way out of tilt.

During the examination the optometrist picked up that I had “pin prick red marks on the retina of each eye”. He explained to me that such marks normally suggest a higher than normal blood pressure and on checking he found that my blood pressure was a little on the high side.

He referred me directly to my doctor and sure enough after the usual blood tests it was confirmed that my blood pressure was high, but more worryingly that this was being caused by an exceptionally high cholesterol level, and an ‘off the scale’ blood-sugar level.

The doctor explained that my blood pressure with weight and height factors, smoking and modest drinking habits were taken into consideration I had a 22.5% chance of a heart attack, with the cholesterol reading it went up to 37%, and when the blood-sugar level was calculated in it jumped to 45%.

Worrying! (To say the least)

I wonder what the figure might have been if my job had been taken into consideration as well?

Now, I’m a Joe average, 34″ waist, five foot eleven tall, with, if I’m honest, just slight bulge around the tummy. I considered myself quite fit for a fifty year old who spends most of his time sat down.

How wrong could I have been!

Worse. I had tests ran on me only seven months earlier in connection with something else entirely, and at that time everything was ‘fine’. So the changes to my blood pressure etc., had all happened within a short time span.

Fortunately for me, and through the vigilance of my optometrist all my symptoms were picked up early and with the correct drugs everything should return to normality, if I clean up my life style a bit.

If you are one of those folks who simply do not have enough time for such things as eye tests it’s time for you to make time.”