About EyeLab

EyeLab have developed online testing programs that evaluate the safe use of vision; Vutest for office workers and SeeDrivePro for all commercial vehicle drivers.


Vutest complies with current Government Health & Safety Regulations, ‘EYES AND EYESIGHT’ implemented for the protection of VDU operators.


EyeLab recommends FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) the voluntary accreditation scheme for all commercial vehicle organisations, their drivers and self-employed drivers.

SeeDrivePro complies with the recommended DVSA & DVLA driver’s vision standards.


All Eyelab tests are online vision screening checks to find out if your vision meets the required standard for drivers and computer operators. They are not meant to replace your regular eye examination and health check by a qualified eyecare practitioner (Optometrist or Eye Doctor).

Company Founders

John Sheinman

FCOptom FBOA FSMC MBCLA, Emeritus Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Andrew Field

MSc DipCLP, DipOptom, Eminent Service Award of the American Academy of Optometry

All Users

Although the eye is commonly referred to as a globe, it is not really a true sphere. It is composed of two spheres with different radii, one set into the other.

The front, or anterior, sphere is the smaller and more curved of the two and is called the cornea. The cornea is the window of the eye since it is a completely transparent structure.

The posterior sphere is a white opaque fibrous structure called the sclera. The cornea and the sclera encase the eye and form a protective shell for all the delicate tissues within.

The eye measures approximately 24mm in all its main diameters in the normal adult. ‘Vutest’ analyses the various functions of the eyes to standards recognised by many ophthalmic authorities, and recommends that should any of the functions fall below a good standard, you are referred to an optometrist for expert advice.



Vision assessment observes the DVLA & DVSA ‘Snellen’ standards recommended for HGV and PSV drivers.

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Company Car & Van

Unique and simple test for screening the sight of commercial vehicle drivers to the standard of FORS.

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Computer Operators

The only scientifically and professionally designed sight test for computer users on the Internet.

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Visual Field Test

EVFT enables drivers to test if they have the required field of vision as defined by DVSA & DVLA Regulations.

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