Professor Simon Barnard PhD, FCOptom, FAAO, FEAOO, DipCLP, DipClinOptom, DipTh(IP) - London

EyeLab See Drive Pro is an elegantly simple to use and highly efficient online vision screening test to determine if your own or your drivers’ vision meets the standards required in the UK for either HGV & PSV or Company Car & Van drivers.

Setting up an account is easy and the pay per test approach very cost effective.

Once an account is set up, embarking on a test could not be more straightforward with just a few simple on-screen step-by-step instructions to follow leading to a rapid test result.

Subjects find the test easy and straightforward to do.

Because minimal training is required to administer the test, you or a designated lay company staff member can be allocated the task of carrying out the screenings.

However, it is worthy of note that experienced optometrists also have found it useful in terms of demonstrating to patients whether or not the standard of vision for driving has been met.

Comments from optometry colleagues include:
“The instructions were easy to follow and the test is fast and simple.”
“I think the test is very easy to use and subject friendly.”

See Drive Pro does not replace the need for a regular eye examination with an optometrist. It achieves what it sets out to do: checking that the sight of commercial vehicle drivers complies with DVLA and DVSA regulations.

Having set up an account with Eyelab, an additional and valuable test for drivers is available. This is a GOVT defined Esterman 120 Visual Field Test, EVFT and a full field of vision is a statutory requirement.

Whereas See Drive Pro tests standard of vision for drivers, the EVFT test addresses the crucial need to validate that all drivers’ peripheral (field of) vision is adequate to observe the surrounding activities of other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists thereby improving safety on our roads.

For a one-off fee the EVFT allows drivers to prepare for the official DVLA Esterman Visual Field Test giving the opportunity to familiarise themselves with visual field testing, review their results and gain an insight on their chances of passing the official test. Practice tests are provided free of charge which greatly helps completing the official test if required.



Vision assessment observes the DVLA & DVSA ‘Snellen’ standards recommended for HGV and PSV drivers.

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Company Car & Van

Unique and simple test for screening the sight of commercial vehicle drivers to the standard of FORS.

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Computer Operators

The only scientifically and professionally designed sight test for computer users on the Internet.

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Visual Field Test

EVFT enables drivers to test if they have the required field of vision as defined by DVSA & DVLA Regulations.

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