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A simulated ‘Esterman Visual Field Test’ (EVFT) for commercial vehicle drivers

The UK Government Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) stipulates a minimum visual requirement to certify safe driving on the roads.  This ‘visual requirement’ involves assessment of the clarity (visual acuity) of your central vision.  The number plate test is just a rough guide for car drivers however, the standard of vision for commercial vehicle drivers is more demanding and EyeLab’s SeeDrivePro tests cater for these advanced standards.

In addition, if the DVLA consider it necessary, they will also investigate your peripheral vision by asking you to undergo a specialist type of ‘visual field test’ known as the Esterman 120-point Test.  This is carried out privately at specially contracted opticians, using a Zeiss Humphrey Perimeter which is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ visual field testing equipment.

Using the same Zeiss Humphrey criteria EyeLab developed its own online version of this field test, the Esterman 120-point Visual Field Test (EVFT) which lets you preview and, importantly practice how to perform the test and what your result might be.

EVFT enables drivers to test if they have the required field of vision as defined in the Regulations in the Appendix below.

This is a statutory requirement for commercial vehicle drivers in the UK and many other countries.

EyeLab recommends that EVFT is checked every 12 months when taking the SeeDrivePro routine test.  This will conform to the DVSA & DVLA ‘Esterman Test’ which is described in the Regulations.

In addition to the vision test SeeDrivePro please note that commercial vehicle drivers should have a minimum standard of visual field (peripheral vision) as tested with an Esterman Visual Field Test.

You will need a computer monitor or TV with a minimum horizontal width of 16 inches (41cms) or a laptop connected to the internet which has a HDMI output plus a HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the monitor.

This test is designed to be supervised to ensure accurate and valid results. A manager or supervisor must oversee the test to ensure that all intructions are carefully followed and to verify your answers.

Set Up Instructions

Setting Up Instructions

Please ensure that you comply with ALL of these set-up instructions.

Step 1

The accuracy of your result depends on how carefully you follow these instructions.
It may help to print a copy of the instructions to keep by your side during the test.

Step 2

Use a computer monitor or TV with a minimum width of 16 inches (41cms) measured horizontally from the left edge of the screen to the right edge of the screen.
Turn your screen to ensure there is as little screen glare or reflections as possible.
If available larger screens might seem more convenient as you do not need to sit as close.

Step 3

If you wear spectacles or contact lenses when you drive you must wear them during this test.

Step 4

When you have read all these instructions you will click on 'Start Test' and the page should display in Full Screen mode with no title or address bar at the top. This is essential so if your screen during the test does not appear in Full Screen mode you can engage this by keying F11**.

**Full Screen is any window or program that fills the entire monitor screen. This is vital for the test result is to be reliable. Please see the links below to see how to enter fullscreen mode for your browser.

Test Instructions

EVFT How It Works…

Please ensure that you comply with ALL of these test instructions.

EVFT tests your LEFT and RIGHT field of vision separately.
You must keep BOTH eyes open throughout the tests.
The full test should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

1. First we shall test your LEFT visual field

Read ALL the instructions first, ensure that you understand them and only then attempt the test.

2. How you must sit in front of the screen

Make sure that you sit comfortably and directly in line with the centre of your monitor.
Your head must be kept still and positioned just half the width of your screen from your monitor during the whole of the test.

It is a good idea to get someone to check your position during the test as it is essential to sit as described throughout the test to get a true result.

3. Turn your HEAD to face the RIGHT HAND edge of the screen

4. Throughout the test look directly towards the red target at the right edge of your screen as in the diagram

5. Press the SPACEBAR each time a spot of light appears anywhere else on screen

It does not have to look clear for you to press the spacebar if you think you saw the spot. Occasionally the target will change to grey. When this happens DO NOT press the space bar even if other spots appear on screen. It takes approximately 40 different spots to cover this part of your field of vision.

Your LEFT FIELD of vision is now complete

You can take a break before you start your RIGHT FIELD of vision. If preferred, you can repeat your LEFT FIELD of vision once more if you were not happy with your first attempt.
Next we will test your RIGHT field of vision

3. Turn your HEAD to face the LEFT HAND edge of the screen

4. Throughout the test ONLY look directly at the red target at the LEFT edge of your screen as in the diagram

5. Press the SPACEBAR when you see a spot appear anywhere on the screen

As before, occasionally the target will change to grey. When this happens DO NOT press the space bar even if other spots appear anywhere else on screen.

Your EVFT is now complete

If preferred, you can repeat your RIGHT FIELD of vision once more if you were not happy with your first attempt.

Now select one of the following 2 options:

I need to read the instructions againI'm ready to take the test

Appendix Standards of Vision for Driving

Lorry and Bus Drivers (HGV & PSV)

You must have a visual acuity at least 0.8 (6/7.5) measured on the Snellen scale in your best eye and at least 0.1 (6/60) on the Snellen scale in the other eye.

You can reach this standard using glasses with a corrective power not more than (+) 8 dioptres, or with contact lenses. There’s no specific limit for the corrective power of contact lenses.

The EyeLab Simulated Esterman Visual Field Test EVFT

You must have a horizontal visual field of at least 160 degrees, the extension should be at least 70 degrees left and right and 30 degrees up and down. No defects should be present within a radius of the central 30 degrees. For best practice, EyeLab EVFT will fail any missed target.

Please Note; You must let the DVLA know if you have any problem with your eyesight that affects either eye, such as; Diabetes, Glaucoma or Cataract.

Reviewed for EyeLab 01/06/2020