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The EEC Regulations 1992, Reg. 5 ‘EYES AND EYESIGHT’ were implemented to safeguard the eyesight of all employed computer users.
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It did not include use by school children. However, most authorities would agree that school children should have regular eye examinations, especially if they are regular computer users.

‘Vutest’ is a quick, inexpensive and efficient way to detect warning signs that may need professional advice and help.

Tests are purchased in advance and cost just £1 per student ex VAT. At anytime users are able to download a password protected database file of all their students tests.

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Age 5 and upwards

There is evidence that up to the age of approximately 16 years, chilidren’s eyesight is more affected by visual tasks and their environment than adults eyesight. It is therefore more than prudent that education authorities should make all efforts to ensure that continued computer use is supervised properly and that children’s sight is periodically checked for adverse changes.

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