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‘Vutest’ tests to a 6/9 (20/30) threshold. Scores below 75% indicate that 3 or more 6/9 letters were incorrectly identified. Right and left eyes are tested separately by manual occlusion of the non-tested eye.


An Amsler grid is presented to each eye separately. Scores below 75% indicate that there was some distortion or break in the Amsler grid.


The two eyes are dissociated horizontally and then vertically, perception of a double after-image indicating retinal slip requiring binocular vision assessment. Phoria scores below 75%, indicate a possibility of dissociation.


Letters are presented to the user in random order around the screen. Failure to recognise the letters indicates a difficulty which may be due to a field defect, binocular vision imbalance, distressed scanning, and accommodational anomalies.


Colour vision scores below 75% indicate a failure of at least one colour confusion plate. The user does not fail ‘Vutest’ if the score is below 75%. Failure of colour vision is not in this case considered a definite reason for referral to an optometrist.

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