Frequently Asked Questions


What is SeeDrivePro?

SeeDrivePro is a test intended for car and van fleet drivers and HGV/PSV drivers and costs £1.00 per test. Multiple purchases are available for company users and full instructions are given after registration. This test is designed to be carried out with a supervisor and takes only a few minutes to do. For company records a confidential database of results is available for employers to access at any time.

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How do I register for SeeDrivePro as a new user?

Go to SeeDrivePro and on the drop-down list, select ‘Create new account register and Pay’ and follow the instructions on each screen.

Can I add more tests / top up an existing SeeDrivePro account?

Yes you can. Go to SeeDrivePro and on the drop-down list select ‘Add more tests to existing account’ and using your login details you can add more tests at any time. Unused tests will remain as credits on your account until you next require them.

How do I order or pay for tests?

You can login with an existing account or set up a new account. With new orders you will be directed to PayPal where you can pay using any credit/debit card as a guest user at the checkout.

How do I access my database?

Go to SeeDrivePro and on the drop list select ‘View Drivers Database’

Why is the number plate test not available on SeeDrivePro?

The number plate test is not a legal test for HGV/PSV vehicle drivers. It is not accurate and scientific enough. The DVSA specify a Snellen test which is provided by us at SeeDrivePro or by qualified optometrists.

How can we retrieve a lost or mislaid password?

Go to SeeDrivePro and on the drop-down list select ‘Login for existing accounts’ and click on “Forgotten password”.


What is Vutest?

Vutest is designed for office workers and employees engaged in long periods of near vision tasks and especially for computer operators.   It is a fully comprehensive vision screening test to assess how your eyes function using your normal working conditions. Vutest will assess whether employees need to visit an eyecare practitioner (optometrist or eye doctor) to have a full eye examination whether they normally wear spectacles or contact lenses or they don’t wear any form of eye sight correction.

Personal Vutest

Personal Vutest is free to run for individual users as a demonstration of the test.

The result can be downloaded at the end of each test by paying the £3 fee via PayPal as offered.

If you want a reliable result we suggest that you repeat the test once you have experienced your first ‘demonstration’ practice run.

Company Vutest

Company Vutest Accounts can be set up for you at a cost of £2.00 per test and designed for companies who have a larger workforce. Full results are securely archived and are accessible at any time by the employer and you are advised if your employee requires a further eye examination.

For new company Vutest please go to ‘Vutest/company users/purchase tests’ to take you to the contact page to register your interest.


Our website is designed to be user friendly and each page will instruct you clearly on how to carry out both Vutest and SeeDrivePro. If you need further assistance then please click ‘contact’ at the top of the Home Page to email your enquiry. Normally you can expect a reply within 3 working days.


Vision screening for computer operators & office employees

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