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Vision screening for computer operators and office employees
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Welcome to the only scientifically and professionally designed sight test for computer users on the Internet. Patent No. 2267159. VutestTM analyses your ability to see comfortably and to use your eyes correctly whilst using a computer.

Quick, Easy & Accurate

Developed by optometrists, vision scientists and programmers at EyeLab (UK) Ltd. In 1991, VutestTM complies with current EEC Regulations, EYES AND EYESIGHT implemented for the protection of VDU operator’s eyesight. VutestTM is easy to follow and we hope, enjoyable to perform and should take about 5 minutes to complete.

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Personal Vutest

When you have completed your Personal Vutest, you will have the option to view and download the results for just £3, or you can choose to view example demonstration results instead free of charge.

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Employee Vutest

Click here if your employer is registered to provide you with a free Vutest. Your company will provide you with your log-in details.

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